A writing retreat worth writing home about.

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    Write Away is the bespectacled child of two artsy, non-conformist parents – The Literary Bohemian, an online literary magazine, and Krumlov House, an award-winning hostel.

    Set in UNESCO World Heritage town of Český Krumlov, Czech Republic, Write Away offers the ideal environment for impromptu meetings with inspiration. Krumlov House is not just a hostel. It’s a home that fosters the art of writing.

    Krumlov House dragon door

    In September 2014, Krumlov House opened its door to its first tutored Write Away course, led by Cheshire (UK) Poet Laureate, Andrew Rudd. He returned in July 2015, with a UK group of poets and adventurers, The Scribbleers. Here are some of their comments from their stay:

    “Each day brought an extravagance of surprises — yoga, salads, concerts, a boat trip — which felt like something unfolding and lovely” – Andrew Rudd

    “The ambience of Krumlov House is so inviting — the warm, honey-toned wood, expansive kitchen and dining area, comfy lounge with piano and books and our individual bedrooms, which suited our needs.” –Mo Clegg, Scribbleer

    “I was so happy in Cesky Krumlov and felt very at home in Krumlov House, this was due, in no small part, to your wonderful hospitality! I loved having the time to write, and I wrote a great deal.” – Sue Parkinson, Scribbleer

  • “My reasons for coming to this picture-postcard town in the south of the Czech Republic have to do with a need to escape from the continual interruptions of my regular life.”

    - Charles Boyle, The Times Literary Supplement, June 6, 2014


Why WriteAway in Cesky Krumlov, at Krumlov House?

Krumlov House is committed to writers working in all genres and is home to online literary magazine The Literary Bohemian. If you’re looking for a place to start or finish that book that’s been brewing, look no further. A WriteAway offers you space, peace and quiet, and access to our writer’s library, as well as a constantly inspiring cast of characters who make Krumlov House their home. Since you’re here, why not have a look at our rooms and spaces?

Currently, we offer three types of WriteAway retreats – Independent Write Away, Tutored Write Away, and Group Write Away.

Independent Write Away

duration: 3 or more nights. (40 EUR/night) – Dates determined by availability

Please note that this is for single writers in private rooms only. Prior to your stay, you will receive a food questionnaire for your own fully-stocked “kitchen box.” If you need close-reading and editorial support, don’t hesitate to ask! To reserve, make a direct booking or send Carolyn an email.

Tutored Write Away

duration: 5 nights, tutored writing activities (400 or 350 EUR), max: 12 participants; some meals included

This retreat is for writers who want a room of their own and the structured inspiration of a writing tutor. Each writer gets a private room with or without private facilities as well as a hearty, buffet-style breakfast. A simple lunch is served daily, and dinners can be made communally or taken at one of the many local restaurants. Writing tutors interested in organising their group retreat should contact Carolyn Zukowski directly about availability. Please note that you are booking the whole building for your retreat.

An example of a tutored Write Away
On Monday, writers arrive between 4.30pm and 6pm. Dinner will be provided. After dinner, the tutors will introduce their plans for the week. From Tuesday through Friday, a buffet breakfast is served and late mornings will be dedicated to specific writing exercises. On Thursday evening the tutor reads from their own work. On Friday evening the group gets together to share and celebrate each other’s writing. The week comes to a close on Saturday morning, after breakfast.

Group Write Away

duration: 5 nights, (350 or 300 EUR), max: 12 participants; breakfast included
This retreat is for the more independent writer who would like to meet other writers working in same genre of writing — either poetry, fiction, non-fiction, memoir or screenwriting. Each writer gets a private room with or without private facilities as well as a hearty, buffet-style breakfast. The goal of this retreat is to meet other writers in an informal setting to discuss issues of craft. Literary Bohemian Editor Carolyn Zukowski will be on hand to provide close-reading and editorial support, and all writers will have access to the writer’s library.

Landscape at Krumau by Egon Schiele, 1916

Landscape at Krumau by Egon Schiele, 1916.
Krumlov House is pictured in the lower right half of the painting.

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